Period: 17.-24. prosinac 2020.Korisnik: Udruga PortićPARTNERI
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Rotary Club Rijeka Novi Val invites you to take part in the humanitarian action “Christmas Rotary Race”. Action takes place from 17 to 24 December 2020 with a goal to assign the entire amount of money that we collect to the welfare of children “Portić” . Portić Association has been continuously implementing a number of projects, programs and activities intended for children, their parents and the wider community since 2006. Funds raised will be spent for implementation of the program “Tete and Barbe pričalice”.

Action “Christmas Rotary Race” is designed as a virtual race in fast walking discipline. The competition aims to ensure that an individual collects as many kilometers as possible in a 7-day period, in an epidemiologically responsible manner. Register fror the race on the following link and donate a minimun fee of 5.00 EUR. After paying the entry fee, each participant will get full access to the race via the application “JUST MOVE – KEEP CONNECTED”. Download the app to your smartphones / watches and thus participate in the “Christmas Rotary Race” from any location and at any time from 17 to 24 December.

The winner is the participant who collects the highest number of kilometers traveled. The first three participants will automatically be awarded a valuable prize for the most kilometers covered. Also, all participants who cover a total of more than 45 kilometers during the project implementation period, will take part in the draw in which the happiest will receive valuable prizes.

Hodajte, trčite, krećite se, skupljajte kilometre i sredstva za udrugu Portić i pridružite nam se u „Božićnoj Rotary (s)Trci“.