Period: prosinac 2019.Korisnik: Udruga Portić Prikupljena sredstva: 17.000,00 knPARTNERI
Maja Stevanović
Mateo Levak
Josip Knapić
Vedran Karuza
Filip Gržinčić
Ena i David Mihoci
Igor Popović
Petar Fabijan
Brasserie As
Eurocop d.o.o.
FlowTech d.o.o.
TIC - Turistička zajednica grada Rijeke
Grad Rijeka

In December 2019 we successfully implemented the first humanitarian action “Once upon a time there was a kiss…”. The humanitarian action aimed to raise funds to support the implementation of the Portić Association’s “Tete i barbe pričalice” programme.

The humanitarian action took place as part of rijeka’s Advent when our citizens and guests had the opportunity to take pictures under the noun and the symbolic fee for the photo of assistance mentioned action and program.

The whole action was carried out with the support of good people, namely: Brasserie As which kept the mistletoe safe, Pinchos Food & Drinks bar and city of Rijeka that kindly borrowed tables and electricity, Tourist Information Center that gave the perfect location, Eurocop d.o.o. which borrowed the printer and gave all the necessary materials for developing photos, HDS Zamp which allowed the creation of an even more Christmasy atmosphere with music FlowTech d.o.o. which by donation provided the necessary material for the crane of a mistletoe, parents who helped make the nebula stand and be beautiful, fantastic generous Rijeka photographers who took their time to make beautiful photos and the most Christmas 2019 memories: Maja Stevanovic, Mateo Levak – Rijeka –RI portal, Josip Knapić – Ruzinavi, Vedran Karuza – Novi list, Filip Gržinčić, Ena and David Mihoci, Igor Popović and Petar Fabijan – Novi list and all beautiful , sweet and wonderful people who participated and kissed under the mistletoe.

As part of the action, the amount of HRK 17,000.00 was raised for the Portić Association and their program “Tete i barbe pričalice”.

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