As part of the Rotary Days of Service and in cooperation with the municipality of Skrad, we invite you to “Days of joint planting”.

We invite all friends from Rotary, as well as Rotaract and Interact clubs to participate in the activity, as well as all friends of the club and those who wish to participate, in order to meet and socialize as many as possible. After a pleasant time spent in nature, it is planned to continue socializing in Skrad.

The registration fee is EUR 20.00 and includes lunch and refreshments.

Participants are asked to wear appropriate clothing. Planting tools, protective gloves, and refreshments for and after the activity will be provided on site. Along with the action itself, socializing in the pleasant atmosphere of the municipality of Skrad is also included.

The gathering in the center of Skrad will be at 09:30.

All planting participants should bring stronger shoes (boots, tennis shoes…) and field clothes (warmer).

See you there 👋


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