Rotary de Maputo is one of the oldest Rotary clubs in Mozambique, and our dear Mateo had a unique opportunity to visit them in sunny Africa!
During the 32 years of its existence in Mozambique, the Rotary Club of Maputo has been a strategic partner in the sectors of health, education and community assistance, with an emphasis on supporting polio vaccination campaigns, post-disaster reconstruction, building classrooms, equipping them with furniture and organizing literacy programmes. What they are particularly proud of is the organization of the Zone 22 conference in Maputo with a focus on the environment, economy, peace and strengthening the position of young people and women in society, which was hosted by their president Shekhar Mehta.
Also, their young Rotaract forces initiated numerous projects on the topic of ecology. 💚
In addition to the rich history and interesting projects in the making, members of Rotary de Maputo are excellent hosts, and we will gladly accept their invitation to cooperate! 🤝